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History 회사개요

1878 Founded as a dealer of wood and building materials in Neheim

1900 Moved to the port in Munster

1923 Built a modern planing mill in Munster

1940 Complete destruction after bombing and rebuilt

1964 Founded Osmo Color

1976 Established production of garden products in Munster

1978 Osmo Wood Wax Finish Clear Extra Thin
The first spreadable wax, a classic up to today!

1980 Osmo Wood Wax Finish
The first generation of wax and oil-based finishes

1983 Osmo Natural Oil Woodstain
Oil-based long-term protection for the exterior

1985 Osmo One Coat Only HS
The first high solid glaze

1991 Osmo sales offices UK

1992 Osmo sales offices Finland und Japan

1995 Osmo sales offices Russia

1995 Osmo Polyx®-Oil
Unique combination of oils and waxes and the second generation of Wood Wax

1998 TUV Certification
ISO 9001 quality management and ISO 14001 environmental management

1998 Osmo Polyx ®-Oil

For the flooring industry, worldwide the first UV hardening hard wax oil

1999 Larch Oil and Bangkirai Oil
Special oils for decking

2000 Polyx®-Oil Pure
Free of solvents and water, the first full solid product developed

2002 Newly built administration building
Moved headquarters to Warendorf

2003 Osmo Polyx®-Oil
Further development matt & rapid

2003 Osmo TopOil
Food-safe surface for work surfaces

2003 Osmo Industrial Wood Wax Finish
Developed for craftsmen

2003 Built a logistics centre and a warehouse with 6,000 m² in size

2004 Osmo Uviwax ®
Clear protection against yellowing for coniferous wood and for the planing industry

2004 Osmo summer hous Designo
New innovative look

2004 Design patient registration ?“Wood profiles in pairs with a compatible overlapping structure”

2005 Osmo sales offices Norway

2005 Osmo is FSC certified for production and trade by an independent institute. Approved products are marked with the FSC logo in the catalogue.

2005 Built a new exhibition hall
With more than 600 m² exhibition area for our

2006 Osmo sales offices China

2006 Osmo summer houses Designo and Designo Fun

Further development as “living room in the garden”

2008 Built a new warehouse at the production of wood finishes in Munster
Storage area of 7,500 m²

2008 Coloured treatment of cladding and Creativ-Flooring as of 1 m

2009 Osmo UV-Protection-Oil ?
Clear protection for the exterior

2009 Osmo UV-Polyx ®
Industrial floor coating, matt and free of solvents

2009 Built a new production hall in Warendorf

2010 Osmo Anti-Slip Decking ?Oil

2010 Design patient rights in the area screening elements

2010 Osmo Poly®-Oil 2K
Free of solvents, latest generation of Polyx®-Oils

2010 Development of Natural Oil Woodstain with metallic effects
Screens and fences available in these effect colour

2011 Sales offices in the Netherlands

Opening of a showroom in Aalsmeer

2013 Purchase of a new planing mill
The Powermat 2500 B combines all the individual advantages of existing mills

2013 Expansion of research and development laboratory in wood finish production Munster

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