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Our philosophy

All product ranges are united under the banner: “Osmo in form und farbe”. The word "form" emphasizes the high technical product standards and "farbe" stands for safe and ecologically sound wood finishes. Behind every Osmo product stands many years’ experience, passion for the natural product wood, professional craftsmanship and product functionality as well as the aim to meet the highest demands – your demands.

Wood quality

Your demands on our products are as high as our requirements on the treatment of our resources. For all segments - flooring - walls and ceilings - cladding and garden, we only use selected wood which is sorted according to strict quality criteria.

Up to now Osmo is still the only company which completes its value-adding chain with internally developed and produced wood finishes. Our wood finishes are based on natural oil and wax. The vegetable raw materials are purified and refined through several complex processes and are safe for people, animals and plants.

The natural colour pigments we use have all been approved for the food industry. When solvents are necessary for manufacturing processes and product quality, we only use small dosages of dearomatized petroleum white spirit (benzene-free) which meets purity requirements found in the European Pharmacopoeia.

Factory-treated wood has an exceptional position, e.g. garden wood or cladding made based on customers' technical drawings or master samples and upon request pre-treated in RAL-compatible colour shades. Mouldings, edge-glue panels and flooring can also be made to order.

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